Our Story

In 1977, Midwest Tankermen was founded by Gail and her husband Joe. The company looked far different than it does now. At a small farmhouse in a suburb of Chicago, Gail Loughlin's "desk" was nothing more than a kitchen table covered with legal pads and a phone that seemed to never stop ringing. The business model was simple, take care of your employees and take care of your customers. This was done by creating a strong safety culture at a time when safety was not always a top priority. It was done by living the moto "never leave product on a barge." Eventually Gail's farmhouse table was too small, she recognized the need for more support...Then there was Sean Gerrity. Sean was a natural fit, with his innovative thinking and impeccable memory he added value from the start. Before long, this small company with a handful of employees grew to 20, then 30, now employing over 40 people. With Gail's two children, James and Shannon, at her side Midwest Tankermen still holds the same values, "take care of your employees, take care of your customers, and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile.""